Skimboard Store and Killer Information

Hey, do you skimboard? Cool. Us too. Our goal here at Kahoy Skim is to put quality skimboard information and products at your fingertips. We put some good information together for you, the rider, to learn. Specifically to learn about: tips, boards, brands, skimboard spots, traction pads, and so much more!

Just a Simple Skimboard Store, Bro

Our site isn’t about us, rather about the sport of skimboarding and all that comes with it. We wanted to create a spot where riders can find heaps of information to fuel their passion for skimming because we are just as passionate as you!  We thrive off of feedback, shares and making content that you will love! So, browse around, ask us a question or two, and be sure to check out our blog for the latest skimboarding news. Cheers and skim on!