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5 Best Penny Boards for 2017

Looking for the best penny boards of 2017 so you can cruise in style? Here you have it, but first…

What is a penny board, and what makes so many people love them?

Penny boards are basically the best pieces of a skateboard and a longboard combined. You get the smooth ride, large wheels, and carvability of a longboard while still getting the smaller size, ability to do tricks, and convenience of a skateboard.

But hey:

You probably already know that!

One of our favorite things about penny boards is that they take you back to a simpler time. A time without selfies, Twitter wars, and high-speed internet (R.I.P. dial-up). Penny boards really have an old-school feel that makes you feel that much cooler as you roll to class, the beach, or maybe a hot date.

We love penny boards and think they are just the coolest thing ever. We compiled a list of the five best penny boards. So read through the reviews, pick your favorite, and make the purchase. Done.

Glow in the Dark Penny Board Complete, Stay Lit

Glow in the Dark Penny Board | Kahoy Skim Buy On Amazon

Out for a late-night cruise? Never lose your board with this sweet glow in the dark penny board. Beyond the cool aesthetics, this is one of the best penny boards for all types of riders!

And seriously though, what was more beloved as a child than your light up glow in the dark shoes?

Nothing. Point made.

Tropical Style Rimable Penny Board, Chillin’

Tropical Style Penny Board | Kahoy Skim Buy On Amazon

I feel like tropical style is so much what the penny board kind of lifestyle is about. Riding to the beach, enjoying the sun, dreaming of big waves is basically what it all comes down to.

I love the yellow and purple combination they chose. This board really has a good smooth ride time after time. Go with this beach scene board and you surely won’t be disappointed.

American Style Penny Board, ‘Murica!

American Flag Best Penny Boards | Kahoy Skim Buy On Amazon

What is better than a penny board?

America, that’s what.

When you combine the two, you get the equivalent of what Paul Revere would have been riding around if he lived in 2017.

Seriously. Imagine it.

These graphics aren’t only great on the 4th of July, rather, you can show your patriotism all year long. At a killer price, what more could you ask for?

Land of the speed, home of the brave.

Orange Penny Board, Disco Style

Orange Penny Board | Kahoy Skim Buy On Amazon

I mentioned penny boards have a classic feel right? Well, what is more classic than a disco themed penny board?

Bright colors are totally rad dude.

And seriously, I love that this option comes with a free tool that is small enough to toss in your backpack or even your pocket. So, take a step into time and have a smooth ride on this orange disco style penny board.

Rasta Penny Board, One Love

Rasta Best Penny Boards 2017 | Kahoy Skim Buy On Amazon

Rasta board… from a maker called High Bounce… hmm… yeah.

This board truly captures the essence of… being a stoner?

Oh, sorry!

I mean the essence of one love, peace, good times, and equality for all. Whichever one of those descriptions fits your agenda, great! Either way, you’ll love these stand out graphics sure to turn the heads of even the most dreadlocked rastas out there.

One love.

All-Around Best Penny Boards for 2017

For us, the American style penny board takes the cake as one of the best penny boards for 2017! With graphics that have been legit since 1776, you can’t go wrong with this smooth riding, eye-catching penny board.

So, what’re you waiting for? These boards aren’t gonna buy themselves! Oh, looking for a sweet skimboard to go along with your penny board? Check out our

These boards aren’t gonna ride themselves! Oh, looking for a sweet skimboard to go along with your penny board? Check out our top 5 list here! Ride on!

Ready to learn to ride? Check out this super extensive video!

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