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7 Best Skimboards for Beginners: 2018 Guide w/Videos

Skimboarding is a relatively under the radar sport that has risen in popularity in the past few years. If you love skateboarding, surfing, snowboarding or wakeboarding, then skimboarding will surely be an instant love for you. Searching for a beginner skimboard shouldn’t be difficult, so we’ve got your back!

Also, we have a guide for learning how to skimboard, but first want to let you in on a little secret… the seven best skimboards for beginners, recently updated for 2018!

Since this post is designed for beginning skimboarders, we will keep the board options to under $150. Although most of these beginner skimboards are designed for new ocean riders, many of the boards can be used for flatland as well.

Also, be sure to buy a board that is within your size. Here is a rough breakdown of the size of board you will need depending on your weight.

Skimboard Sizing Guide 2018

80 – 140 lbs: 45 in. or less (Small)
120 – 160 lbs: 45 in. to 47 in. (Medium)
140 – 180 lbs: 47 in. to 49 in. (Medium – Large)
160 – 200 lbs: 49 in. to 51 in. (Large)
180 – 220 lbs: 51 in or more (Extra Large)

Be sure to check the sizing chart of each brand as the sizing specs can vary. If you can, try riding a friend’s board to see if a size is best for you!


Without further adu, here are the seven best skimboards for beginners, you’re gonna love them and want to buy them all! ­čśë


1. Wave Zone Diamond – Fiberglass Skimboards for Beginners

Wave Zone Skimboards For Beginners | Kahoy Skim

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This beginner’s skimboard is made with a foam core and fiberglass covering.┬áThe diamond tip gives more control at the tail with less drag and more speed.

This is Wave Zone’s best-selling beginner board because the price is right and it is built to be forgiving for new riders. This board is ideal for sand-riding and for hitting small breaks on the shore.

2. Zap Lazer Beginner Skimboard

Zap Lazer Beginner Skimboard, Perfect for New Riders | Kahoy Skim

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Zap always make super solid boards, and this option for beginners is no different. It is built for an effortless ride, making sure that beginning riders can pick up the sport easily.

This board is specifically designed for smooth sand-riding. This board will ride much smoother and farther than any other wood board. Zap truly makes one of the best fiberglass skimboards for beginners with their Lazer.

Give it a shot!

3. Empire Traction Best Skimboard for Beginners with Grip

Empire Traction Best Skimboard for Beginners with Grip | Kahoy Skim

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This beginner style board boasts a nice rocker shape with some awesome EVA traction for your footing. As a beginner, sliding off the board is one of the most common problems. With the EVA traction, your feet will stick much easier to the board.

Although we don’t love the wood bottom, it is pretty durable and has a high gloss coating. This is one of the cheapest boards on our list and is perfect if you aren’t sure how serious you want to be about skimboarding.

4. Victoria Skimboards Woody

Victoria Skimboards Woody Beginners Board | Kahoy Skim

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This board brings back some amazing memories. This was one of our first skimboards.

It honestly is built as one of the best skimboards for beginners. The Russian birch core will take anything you throw at it, and this Woody will slide for days on the banks.

Even as you progress, you’ll still be able to slay some small waves on this durable board. Victoria truly has stood the test of time, and the Woody has been a beginner’s favorite board for years.

5. Zed The Raven Flatland Beginners SkimboardZed The Raven Flatland Beginner Skimboard | Kahoy Skim

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Alright, this one is over $150 (slightly) and isn’t really for ocean skimboarding, but it is still legit. The artwork is something else… in a good way of course!

This beginners board boasts hydro rails, dual axis rocker and 7 ply Canadian Maple Core, eh. Good pop and an overall good ride for new skimboarders. If you are wanting to throw down some tricks for flatland, you NEED a twin shaped board, trust us!

6. Mini-Grommet Kids Beginner Skimboard by Victoria

Mini-Grommet Kids Beginner Skimboard by Victoria | Kahoy Skim

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This is THE absolute best beginner skimboard for young kids! Like we mentioned above, Victoria is a tried and tested name in skimboarding!

The foam core makes it super light and forgiving for smaller kids, while still giving you a smooth ride.

Suggested weight for this board is between 40-50 lbs, so it’s truly built for kids!

7. Wave Zone Squirt Skimboard for Beginners

Wave Zone Squirt Skimboard for Beginners | Kahoy Skim

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Here’s another one of our favorite boards for smaller beginner riders!

The Wave Zone Squirt is the perfect fiberglass skimboard for riders up to 90 pounds. Our main observation is how smooth and straight this board rides, a huge factor for young skimboarders just starting out!

And we’ve got to mention, each board is handmade in the USA. When we’ve bought boards from Wave Zone they usually throw in some cool stickers, notes, and sometimes even wax! Dope!

Ride the Best Skimboards for Beginners This Year

Summer is in full effect, so be sure to check out these boards and add one to your arsenal soon.

Be sure to check out one of our recommended skimboard bags to keep your new board protected! Share this article to help others find the best boards for beginner skimboarders. Skim on!



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