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5 Best Skimboard Bags for Protection and Travel

You just threw down a couple hundred bucks on a new board, and now you have some awesome skim trips planned out.

The worst part?

The ever-awkward effort of traveling with a skimboard now confronts you.

Boards are fragile, so grabbing yourself a skimboard bag is essential for protecting your investment. Skimboard bags are also a great option for daily use of your new purchase.

We’ve pulled from our experiences and testing and compiled a list of 5 of our favorite skimboard bags on the market.

How did we rate them?

These bags are rated on protection, functionality and of course, some style as well.

1. Hyperlite Bag

Hyperlite Skimboard Bag | Kahoy Skim

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This bag from Hyperlite is perfect for a quick day trip or for a longer cross-country road trip. The bag has a sturdy reinforced handle as well as a padded shoulder strap, no board falling in the mud here.
One of our favorite parts of this skimboard bag are the gear pockets. No running back up to the car to grab your bag of snacks or bag of… something else. So roll your board up into this bag… I mean, throw it in there to keep your board in tip-top shape.

2. Triple X Backpack Style Skimboard Bags


Triple X Backpack Style Skimboard Bag | Kahoy Skim Buy On Amazon

The only thing better than a dope looking backpack is one that holds your skimboard. Most skim sessions involving carrying down a box, some sunscreen, a water bottle, etc. With this backpack style skimboard bag, throw everything into one place and keep your hands free as you walk.
Oh, and don’t let us forget, this bag has a foam padding for maximum protection. Did we mention the large pocket with mesh drainage for your wet gear? And, the water resistant top?
Wow, they seemed to think of everything on this one. A true game-changer, at a competitive price as well.

3. Creatures of Leisure Skimboard Cover

Creatures of Leisure Skimboard Cover | Kahoy Skim Buy On Amazon

This bag, they call it a cover, offers a clean and simple design without sacrificing protection. The shoulder strap can be stored in a pocket so you aren’t dragging it on the ground if you decide to use the handles.
Another cool feature is the heat reflective silver poly fabric that will keep your board from heating up and warping. Although we wouldn’t recommend this one for long-distance travel, it surely gets the job done for day trips and quick skim sessions.

4. Ronix, Best Skimboard Sock


Ronix Skimboard Sock Bag | Kahoy Skim

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Okay, so this isn’t a “bag” but it’s still an awesome product. This board sock is an awesome piece of protection that is quite stylish as well. the padded tip is great for protecting the often battered nose of your skimboard.
This one comes in 2 sizes, get the smaller one. Overall, it’s awesome for protecting your board from scratches and dirt but isn’t the best for full padded protection. The price reflects that. Again, use it for day trips but not for flights.

5. Triple X Skimboard Bag

Triple X Skimboard Bag | Kahoy Skim

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This bag is the little brother of the Triple X Backpack style bag, but hey… little brothers can still be pretty cool, right?
The heat resistant tarpaulin is great for keeping your wax from melting onto your board and your bag. This skimboard bag also has a nice padded handle and a removable padded shoulder strap.
Also, there is a perfect pocket for your wax or fin (if you are using it for wake surfing). This bag is great on price, especially for the protection it offers. Check it out in both green and blue!

Top Skimboard Bag: Backpack Style Bag

Our top bag has to be the Triple X Backpack Style Skimboard Bag. We seriously love the backpack style! It makes carrying your board around effortless. It’s especially nice if you are riding a skateboard, bike, or longboard to the beach or the river.
So, give it a try and let us know what you think! Skim on!

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