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Where to Skimboard in Utah County

Think of something you have loved and enjoyed for most, if not all, of your life. It might be your dog. Maybe it is your favorite video game system. Your spouse. Your muscle car. Now, take it away. Gone. Done. Forever. Would you crave it once it was gone?

Sorry, that was a bit dramatic. But it is exactly what I experienced when I left Southern Utah to attend Utah Valley University in Northern Utah. I had been skimboarding almost every day for years, and then I couldn’t skim. At all. I was a little deprived. I spent months wondering where to skimboard in Utah County. Then, one day I reconnected with one of the Sandy Crack owners and he let me in on some amazing news. The holy grail… a killer skim spot in Utah County! We headed out the next weekend to the spot.

I stepped into the water and the deprivation was gone! It was like coming home from a long vacation. The water was cool, the mountains still had snow on them, and my energy was high. We had a nice little flat box and hit that for a solid hour. It was an amazing feeling to know that I had a place to skim again where I lived. I made it my personal goal to tell everyone I knew, skimboarder or not, about this awesome spot.

There are essentially two places to skimboard in Utah County, the Springville, or sometimes called the Sandy Beach spot, and the Lindon Marina, or sometimes called the Vineyard Beach spot.

Sandy Beach Skim Spot

A few years ago, the Sandy Beach was the best. The water was decently clean and refreshing on hot summer days. We would take boxes out and ride for hours enjoying the scenic mountain backdrop. Unfortunately, that changed. The cops made it so you can’t drive out on the beach, meaning you have to walk pretty far to ride. Worst of all, there are typically dead fish and horse flies buzzing around like you are in a zombie wasteland. Nasty. I have all but given up on this spot, but hope that it will clean itself up after a winter. Hopefully. 

Vineyard Beach Skim Spot

The best skimboard spot in Utah County is the Vineyard Beach. It is much easier to get to in comparison to others. The Vineyard Beach spot typically has some pristine runs that trail off into deeper areas. Be advised, most days you will want to spend about 5-10 minutes shoveling the spot to make it worth your while. Also, avoid the sunset or sunrise times as the bugs come out like crazy. They also think biting you is the only way to stay alive, consider yourself warned! Overall, this spot takes the cake as the place to skimboard in Utah County and its surrounding areas.

If you haven’t tried skimboarding yet and want to learn how be sure to check out our article about the basics of skimboarding. Be sure to comment below and let us know of any other local spots that you want to see a write-up on. Skim on!  

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