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9 Local Tips On Things to Do In Laguna Beach

There are plenty of things to do in Laguna beach, but skimboarding is one of my favorites. Period. Skimboarding actually started from a few lifeguards’ innovation. TheseĀ lifeguards would take signs and skim along the edge of the water. From that simple idea, skimboarding has grown into what is now a worldwide sport. Even as more of a flatland skimboarder myself, I still found my first skim trip to Laguna almost surreal.

Every place you travel, especially for skimboarding, has what we like to call local tips. I’ve got nine here to help your skim trip to Laguna Beach be all the more memorable.

1. Drive Down PCH

Pacific Coast Highway, or PCH as it’s commonly referred to, is the most spectacular drive around. Beach on one side, extravagant mansions on the other; this drive truly delivers the OC vibe. Take that selfie with the ocean in the background, blast some Drake and soak in the moment the whole drive in.

2. Eat at Adolfo’s

Is there any better quick and cheap fill-up than Mexican food? Adolfo’s is quick, close to the beach and has some of the best guacamole this side of the border. Try the Grande Burrito, I recommend the steak.

3. Don’t Get Greedy Parking

If you find a spot that is relatively close, especially on a Saturday, take it. Do not pass go, do not collect $200, just take the spot. Finding a decently close spot to park in relation to the beach is a dream, so take it and count your lucky stars.

4. Hit the High Tide

Most people wonder when the best time to skim Laguna Beach is, the answer is high tide. That, of course, changes a bit each day, so check out this tool which shows the low and high tides of each day. As a general rule, early morning and right around dinner time are best.

5. Follow the Signs

At certain parts, Thalia being one of them, they designate skim and surf spots away from swimming and body boarding areas. That’s good for everyone involved. Please don’t be that guy who goes to the wrong place, the lifeguards will be sure to embarrass you.

6. Skim with Pros

Skimming isn’t a spectator sport, but when you skim at the sport’s creation spot, spectating is often spectacular. Tons of pros are local to Laguna Beach, so you can find some riding at almost any time. Check out companies’ Instagram or other social media accounts, like Victoria or LagunaSoCal, and you’ll often see when pros are heading to ride. Riding with the best will help you push your own riding abilities.

7. Watch The Vic

The Vic is the biggest skimboarding competition in Laguna Beach and is held yearly, usually in August. Most skimboarders naturally have a huge competitive drive, which leads to some crazy tricks all day long. Come watch and be inspired.

8. The Cookie Lady (one of the secret things to do in Laguna Beach)

This one we will just leave up to you. Our only tip, check the shops.

9. Stay for a Laguna Sunset

Yes, the sun goes down all around the world. No, not all sunsets are the same. Some of the most spectacular sunsets I’ve seen have been on the beaches of Laguna. So pack your Go Pro to get the footage, and find out for yourself.

You’re set now. You have nine tips that will ensure your trip to Laguna Beach will be full of exciting things to do. But hey, reading is only one part of this pie. So call your crew, book a flight, get in the car, take the bus, whatever it takes and get to Laguna Beach. It’s a must do for anyone who claims to be a skimboarding enthusiast.

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