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Top 5 Flatland Skimboard Brands

Flatland skimboarding has risen in popularity greatly in the past decade. What started originally as homemade wood boards has grown into sophisticated board designs and builds. Boards can now be manufactured to be light, durable better suited for tricks and rails. I have ridden multiple boards and have experienced what I believe to be some of the bulkiest terribly designed boards, to the lightest most trick-friendly boards out there. I will only rate boards that I have personally used, so keep that touch of bias in mind.

Before I rate the top five flatland skimboard brands, I want you to know a little about my own riding style. I have been riding for over 10 years and ride everything out there; sandbars, rails, flat tricks, kickers and anything you can think of. I like quick techy tricks, and I also like big airs. I’m 5’6” and weigh around 150 pounds, so most boards I choose are either small or medium in size. So, now that you know more about me and my riding style, let me break down my top five flatland skimboard brands out there.

5. J. Gordon Skimboards

What J. Gordons lack in structural prowess, they make up for in quickness and spinnability (I am making that a word, so use it). The boards are ideal for smaller riders who are at the beginner to intermediate level. They are light and pack a superb amount of pop. I think the first time I saw a kickflip landed on a skimboard, the guy was riding a J. Gordon… enough said.

4. Sandy Crack Skimboards

I personally loved my experience with Sandy Crack Skimboards. It was one of my first boards which means most of my basic tricks I first learned on a Sandy Crack. Originally Sandy Cracks were the old-school teardrop, directional shaped board. In recent years, they have upgraded to true twin shapes that I’ve even seen with some foam traction, a must-have for flatland.

3. Victoria Skimboards

I know that Victoria is mostly an ocean skimboarding brand, but they also have a couple boards geared towards flatland. I rented a board straight from their main shop in Laguna, and loved it! It wasn’t the lightest board, but it felt super sturdy and stable under my feet. It was still pretty poppy, letting me throw some popped 3-shuvs in front of all the strictly wave riding skimboarders. Good times.

2. Bick Skimboards

Bick Skimboards is a new brand that has taken the flatland industry by storm. I’ve personally ridden with the founders (twins from St. George, Utah), and they are pretty rad dudes. They love the sport of skimboarding and created a brand that reflects that. One of my favorite aspects of their boards are the cork tops. They ditched the foam and went with cork traction, something you’ve got to try to understand how great it is. Overall, these boards are good for tech tricks and clean pop.

1. DB Skimboards

The king of flatland skimboards is, in my mind, Dashboard (or DB) Skimboards. They have truly established themselves as the leader in the industry. Their boards possess all the top features needed; pop, sturdiness, shape, foam traction, customizable board designs and so much more. DB Skimboards have been my board of choice for the past 6 or 7 years. Currently, I’m riding a DB that I bought back in 2010 and it’s still holding strong.

Quick recap. If you want the best bang for your buck for a board that will last, go with a DB Skimboard. Wanting to try something new and support one of the dopest brands out there? Go for a Bick Skimboard. Comment below with your opinions on these brands. Skim on!

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