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Virgin River Skimboarding at the St. George Waterfall

When you tell people you skimboard in a state without a beach, people are usually confused beyond response. And when you add that you skim in a desert, things get weird. But hey, that’s Virgin River skimboarding in St. George, Utah.
Southern Utah has tons of fascinating activities, but skimboarding at “The Waterfall” is one of the top things to do in St. George. Honestly, it should be on every flatland skimboarder’s bucket list.

Let me give you a few reasons why:

History of the St. George Waterfall

The waterfall is a local landmark. Even people who don’t skimboard in St. George know exactly where the waterfall is. The waterfall is a huge manmade concrete runoff for the river. It was created after some of the huge floods in 2005. I’m no architect or whatever, but it helps alleviate water pressure when the levels get too high. Something like that? Either way, it’s an awesome “shower” to rinse off in after skimming. You can cool off under the waterfall on the 110 degrees plus St. George days, perfect.

Year-RoundĀ Skimboarding in St. George

St. George is a full blown desert; hot, dry and the weather doesn’t change much. For a skimboarder, there is nothing better. People often wonder, when can you skimboard in St. George? The answer, come to Southern Utah from March until about November and the skimming conditions will be pristine. The only time the river gets too high is right after a rain storm, so be aware of any storms even up at the headwaters in Zion National Park.

Skimboarding in St. George’s Culture

St. George, unknown to many, boasts as being home to multiple companies as well as professional riders. The best part, they are all extremely fun to ride with and super down to earth. I grew up skimming around Lexi Hutchings, the Bick brothers, SandyCrack dudes and during the summers a ton of the DB guys. Those were some of the best sessions ever, everyone having a killer time and pushing each other to stick new tricks. Whether you were a beginner or pro level, everyone felt welcome. That’s led to an overall culture of younger dudes in St. George pushing the sport and creating good times. Almost any summer day you head to ride, you are sure to find someone who is pushing the sport forward.

Virgin River Classic

The Virgin River Classic is one of the biggest skimboarding competitions on the west coast. It has been going on since 1996 when Mike Gardner and his brothers started the competition. It’s grown loads since then, and now typically attracts professional riders from as far as Washington and California. It usually happens in July. I personally competed in the Virgin River Classic about five times while I was in High School. I looked forward to it like it was my birthday. You always had some amazing riders competing not only for some dope prizes but for the sheer enjoyment of riding with your buddies and fellow riders. The VRC typically has some pretty sweet prizes, like free boards to top finishers, shirts, gift cards and more.

The competition is split up into age divisions as well as genders. Each group goes through a couple heats which consist of both flatland and rails and boxes in the same run. After the heats, the top riders face off in a finals heat to determine the winner. If you are in the area, you’ve gotta ride in the comp, the entry fee is usually only around $20. If you want tips on how to excel in skimboarding competitions, check out our 9 tips to help you perform.

Simply put, make it a goal to check out the St. George Waterfall on your next trip to the area. If you’re ready to head there, check out the map listing to find your way. Need a board? We’ve got you coveredĀ on that too in this blog. Once you check it out this epic skim spot, leave a comment below with your experience. Skim on!

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